Half turtleneck long back hollow straps slit dress
Unleash your inner fashionista with our Half Turtleneck Long Back Hollow Straps Slit Dress. This trendy dress features a half turtleneck and a unique hollow strap design, while the slit on the back adds a touch of elegance. Perfect for...
$41.74 $30.86 - 26%
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Long-sleeved pleated hollow backless dress
Feel confident and alluring in this long-sleeved pleated dress with a stunning backless design. The intricate pleats add texture and movement, while the bold hollow back adds a touch of drama. Perfect for any special occasion or evening out.  
$49.80 $34.80 - 30%
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Backless long-sleeved high-waist slim dress
Wrap yourself in elegance and confidence with our backless long-sleeved high-waist slim dress. Designed to highlight your curves and flatter your figure, this dress will make you stand out in any occasion. From its sleek design to its comfortable fit,...
$49.42 $36.78 - 26%
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Long-sleeved loose sequined dress
Be the center of attention with our Long-sleeved Loose Sequined Dress! The perfect combination of elegance and comfort, this dress features long sleeves and sparkling sequins. Turn heads and feel confident at any event.  
$47.49 $35.51 - 25%
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Elegant long sleeves with gloves dress
Indulge in timeless elegance with our Elegant long sleeves with gloves dress. The long sleeves add a touch of sophistication while the gloves provide a unique twist. Perfect for any formal event, this dress will make you feel like a...
$51.59 $37.71 - 27%
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Sexy high-neck flared long-sleeved dress
Elevate your style with our sexy high-neck flared long-sleeved dress! Designed to make a statement, this dress will hug your curves and accentuate your figure. The high-neck adds a touch of elegance while the flared long-sleeves bring a playful and...
$44.97 $32.83 - 27%
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Mesh lace spliced fishbone French dress
Indulge in ultimate sophistication with our Mesh Lace Spliced Fishbone French Dress. The intricate mesh lace and fishbone design exude elegance and grace. Transform into a work of art with this exclusive dress that combines French fashion with a modern...
$50.90 $38.80 - 24%
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Suspender backless slit dress
This dress has it all - suspenders, a backless design, and a sexy slit! Perfect for a night out or a special occasion, this dress will surely turn heads. (Warning: may cause excessive attention and compliments)  
$47.49 $35.81 - 25%
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Elegant pleated long halter neck dress
Elevate your look with our elegant pleated halter neck dress! The flowy design and flattering neckline will make you feel like a goddess. Perfect for special occasions or a night out on the town. Trust us, you'll turn heads and...
$48.65 $35.35 - 27%
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Off-shoulder slanted collar tight dress
Show off your fun-loving side with our Off-shoulder Slanted Collar Tight Dress. This playful dress combines a flirty off-shoulder design with a unique slanted collar for a one-of-a-kind look. The tight fit hugs your curves in all the right places,...
$41.73 $30.87 - 26%
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Lace stitching slit suspender dress
Get ready to turn heads and steal the show in our Lace Stitching Slit Suspender Dress! This playful and flirty dress features a stunning lace design, sultry side slits, and adjustable suspenders for a unique touch. Perfect for any occasion,...
$37.66 $29.84 - 21%
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See-through fishbone suspender floral dress
This floral dress isn't just an ordinary dress - it's a see-through fishbone suspender dress! With a touch of quirkiness, this unique piece adds a playful edge to your wardrobe. Show off your style and have some fun with this...
$44.38 $32.62 - 26%
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Off-shoulder lantern sleeve dress
Show off your playful side with our Off-shoulder Lantern Sleeve Dress. This quirky and fun dress features stylish lantern sleeves and an off-shoulder design, perfect for any occasion. Embrace your unique style and stand out from the crowd!  
$56.52 $35.48 - 37%
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Double-layered pleated bell sleeve hip dress
Conquer the fashion scene with this bold and daring double-layered pleated bell sleeve hip dress. Its unique design will make you stand out from the crowd and its comfortable fit will keep you confident and ready for any adventure. Take...
$51.46 $37.54 - 27%
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Street Style printed long-sleeved slit dress
Unleash your bold and daring side with our Street Style printed long-sleeved slit dress! Perfect for those who love to take risks and stand out in a crowd. With its unique print and alluring slit design, this dress will surely...
$48.89 $34.91 - 29%
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Short-sleeved maxi boho dress
Unleash your adventurous spirit with our short-sleeved maxi boho dress. This dress is perfect for those who like to take risks and make bold fashion statements. Embrace the bohemian trend while staying comfortable and stylish. Perfect for any occasion, this...
$52.59 $37.41 - 29%
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Diamond black high collar long sleeve tight dress
Embrace your bold, adventurous side with our Diamond black high collar long sleeve tight dress. Show off your fearless style with its striking design and form-fitting silhouette. Take risks and make a statement in this daring dress. Perfect for nights...
$85.88 $65.82 - 23%
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French light ruffled knitted dress
Unleash your bold and adventurous side with our French light ruffled knitted dress! Crafted with ruffles and a light knit, this dress will elevate your style and give you the confidence to take on any challenge. Embrace the thrill of...
$51.54 $38.94 - 24%
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Long-sleeved hollow strap backless dress
Expertly crafted with a long-sleeved design and hollow strap detail, this dress combines elegance and style. The backless feature adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Made with high-quality materials for a perfect fit.  
$51.99 $35.81 - 31%
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Single-sleeved waist twist pleated dress
Indulge in effortless elegance with our Single-sleeved Waist Twist Pleated Dress. The unique twist pleat design at the waist adds a touch of sophistication to this single-sleeved dress. Made with high-quality materials, this dress drapes beautifully on your body and...
$47.76 $33.84 - 29%
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Knitted turtleneck sleeveless slim maxi dress
Expertly crafted with a knitted fabric, this turtleneck sleeveless slim maxi dress offers both style and comfort. Its slim design accentuates your figure, while the turtleneck adds a touch of sophistication. Perfect for any occasion, this dress is a must-have...
$49.38 $36.80 - 25%
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Turtleneck temperament short sweater dress
Experience style and comfort with our Turtleneck Temperament Short Sweater Dress. Made with high-quality material, this dress features a classic turtleneck design that exudes sophistication. Its short length and comfortable fit make it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Elevate...
$47.42 $36.86 - 22%
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