Low-cut lace-up ruffle black leather dress
A sleek, stylish staple for any wardrobe, this low-cut lace-up ruffle black leather dress is crafted with premium leather and features a flattering, contoured fit. The lace-up ruffle detailing adds uniqueness, elevating this classic look for a timeless ensemble. Perfect...
$54.52 $39.52 - 28%
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Color stickers slim fit sleeveless dress
This stylish sleeveless dress features a slim fit design with distinctive color stickers, perfect for special occasions. The lightweight material provides a comfortable fit, while the tapered waist adds a flattering silhouette. Enjoy this timeless piece in your wardrobe as...
$71.25 $54.75 - 23%
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Party fishbone banquet dress
$32.91 $44.84 - 27%
Party fishbone banquet dress
This stylish and form-fitting dress is made from 100% polyester, with a classic fishbone pattern that adds texture while remaining comfortable. Its adjustable waistband and round neckline make it easy to customize your look, while its short, mid-length cut gives...
$44.84 $32.91 - 27%
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Milk silk wrap-chest mini dress
This fashionable mini dress is crafted from milk silk fabric, offering superior softness and comfort. It features a wrap-chest design that cinches your waist and creates a flattering silhouette. The dress is lightweight and flexible, allowing for maximum mobility. Its...
$46.55 $32.85 - 29%
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Tight bag hip open back party dress
This sophisticated dress features a tight bag hip silhouette with a subtle open back design. It is constructed from high-quality fabric for a comfortable and flattering fit, allowing you to move freely and confidently. The perfect choice for any special...
$47.59 $32.81 - 31%
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American tube top strap hip bandage dress
This high-quality tube top dress is designed to flatter the female figure. Constructed from a sturdy textile blend, it features an adjustable waist-tie to ensure a comfortable fit, and strategically-placed panels to hug and shape curves. The fabric is highly...
$85.19 $65.81 - 23%
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French fashion thin puff sleeves hip bandage mini dress
Capture bold elegance in this beautiful French fashion mini dress. Featuring thin puff sleeves and a hip bandage, it's the perfect combination of chic style and comfort. Feel confident and look stunning with this unique, daring piece. Dare to stand...
$78.69 from $51.61 - 34%
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Off-shoulder slim casual hollow out slim mini bandage dress
This slim mini bandage dress is perfect for any casual occasion, thanks to its off-shoulder design, slim fit silhouette and hollow-out detail. Its high-stretch material ensures comfortable wear, while its figure-hugging fit cuts a flattering shape.  
$89.39 $69.61 - 22%
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Slim Tight Bandeau Party Dress
This Slim Tight Bandeau Party Dress is crafted from lightweight and breathable fabric, giving a comfortable fit. Its timeless design features a ruched bodice, a bandeau neckline, and a gathered skirt. The dress is perfect for formal events and can...
$78.09 $63.81 - 18%
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Retro sequin tie-line decoration bandage dress
This sophisticated dress features a wrap-style torso lined with reflective sequins and a bandage-style skirt. It also has a tie-line decoration for added texture and depth. Perfect for any formal occasion, it offers a unique combination of style and comfort....
$70.83 $54.17 - 24%
  • White
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Black net bandage tube top short leather dress
This stylish dress is designed to make an impression. The black net bandage tube top and soft PU leather combination creates a sophisticated look. The elastic material fits your body perfectly, providing a comfortable fit and look without sacrificing any...
$71.07 $56.77 - 20%
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Knitted Perspective Tunic Lace Long-sleeved Dress
This dress features elegant knitted perspective tunic lace and long-sleeved design that creates a flattering silhouette. This beautiful garment is made from lightweight and breathable fabric, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. The intricate detailing of the lace...
$48.10 $35.86 - 25%
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One-shoulder diamond-encrusted party dress
This one-shoulder party dress features an exquisite diamond-encrusted neckline and hem, making it the perfect piece for special occasions. Crafted with quality materials, this dress is sure to add a touch of glamour to your evening look.    
$81.42 $60.97 - 25%
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Square collar long-sleeved jacket dress
This stylish Square Collar Long-Sleeved Jacket Dress is an ideal way to transition from work to casual. Its classic cut adds structure and sophistication, while the lightweight fabric provides comfort and breathability. The fabric’s wrinkle-resistance ensures a polished look all...
$67.45 $46.55 - 31%
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American waist slimming long-sleeved milk silk dress
This American waist slimming long-sleeved milk silk dress is crafted from breathable materials for a comfortable fit that enhances the user's silhouette with an elegant drape. The luxurious fabric has a buttery-soft feel and absorbs moisture quickly, making it ideal...
$41.91 $28.77 - 31%
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White square neck cute wind short dress
This stylish piece of clothing is perfect for summer days. Made with a lightweight and breathable fabric, it offers unparalleled comfort. The square neckline and cute wind pattern creates a casual and modern look. It is tailored to fit perfectly...
$47.58 $33.45 - 30%
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Puff sleeves square neck slits dress
This sophisticated dress is crafted from premium-quality cotton for superior comfort and fit. Its puff sleeves and square neckline provide elegant, timeless style, while the slits at the hem add a modern touch. Its breathable fabric will keep you feeling...
$40.50 $27.36 - 32%
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High collar Apricot mini dress
This elegant mini dress features a chic high collar and is made from soft, apricot-hued jersey fabric. The smooth and lightweight fabric allows air to pass through while still providing warmth and comfort. The design of the dress highlights its...
$65.58 $47.42 - 28%
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Doll-neck black dress
$35.44 $49.64 - 29%
Doll-neck black dress
This fashionable dress is made from a wrinkle-resistant crepe material and features a flattering doll-neck and three-quarter length sleeves. Its lightweight design adds breathability and comfort, allowing for all-day wear without sacrificing style. Crafted with an above the knee length,...
$49.64 $35.44 - 29%
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PU leather stitching stripes slim dress
Benefits: This dress is made from PU leather with stitching stripes providing a slim fit, making it perfect for formal occasions or to simply stand out in the crowd. With its comfortable and durable material, it is sure to last...
$38.36 $22.64 - 41%
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deep V-wrapped hip black gold velvet open back dress
This luxurious dress is an embodiment of sophistication. With a deep V-wrap, front hip detailing and a soft black-gold velvet fabric, this dress is sure to capture attention. The open back also adds an alluring element to the garment, making...
$52.44 $36.96 - 30%
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PU leather short-sleeved green mini dress
This green mini dress is perfect for making a statement. Crafted with a premium PU leather fabric, it's lightweight and comfortable while still providing a modern look. Its short-sleeved design and v-neck silhouette are flattering and timeless, making it a...
$42.21 $29.81 - 29%
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Hollow cake skirt U-neck lotus leaf sleeves cotton dress
This dress features an eye-catching Hollow Cake Skirt U-Neck and Lotus Leaf Sleeves made of 100% premium cotton material, providing the perfect combination of style and comfort. The unique design ensures freedom of movement and breathability, while the intricate details...
$47.27 $30.55 - 35%
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White lantern sleeve large swing dress
This dress offers a light and airy feel, with white lantern sleeves and a full, large swing skirt. Featuring an empire waistline and classic cut, this dress gives a subtle yet elegant touch to any wardrobe. Enjoy the lightweight feel...
$39.54 $28.77 - 27%
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Puff sleeves red high-waisted dress
This elegant dress features a red hue and voluminous puff sleeves for a classic silhouette. It's crafted from lightweight fabric and features a high waistline for a modern take on vintage style. It's perfect for any occasion and is sure...
$39.69 $23.70 - 40%
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Black puff sleeves velvet dress
This luxurious Black Puff Sleeves Velvet Dress is perfect for any formal occasion. Crafted from 100% high-quality velvet and featuring a timeless, elegant design, this dress will ensure you look your best. It offers an eye-catching silhouette, with a flattering...
$42.73 $26.57 - 38%
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Ruffled one-shoulder dress
$25.88 $41.20 - 37%
Ruffled one-shoulder dress
This stylish dress features a one-shoulder design with a ruffled detail sleeve. Made from a lightweight and airy fabric, it's both comfortable and breathable. Its slim fit silhouette ensures a flattering look for any occasion.    
$41.20 $25.88 - 37%
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lantern sleeve tube top pleated hip dress
Benefits: A timeless wardrobe staple, this dress features a lantern sleeve tube top and pleated hip skirt for a modern, sophisticated look. The lightweight fabric is breathable yet durable, making it ideal for all-day wear.    
$38.93 $21.81 - 44%
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V-neck Black Suit dress
$32.87 $49.33 - 33%
V-neck Black Suit dress
This sophisticated V-neck dress is crafted from a lightweight blend of wool and polyester for a wrinkle-resistant and durable wear. Tailored for a sleek fit and constructed with strategically placed darts, this timeless piece defines one-of-a-kind elegance. Its 55% wool,...
$49.33 $32.87 - 33%
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Waist slimming long-sleeved suit dress
This stylish dress features a unique waist slimming design for a figure-flattering silhouette. Crafted from polyester and spandex, it provides comfortable stretch and breathability for all-day wear. The long-sleeved style helps shape the torso and arms, creating an elegant and...
$43.35 $25.95 - 40%
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